Greetings from General Secretary!

I on behalf of Nyishi Baptist Church Council (NBCC) delighted to let you know that NBCC is launching another new revised website, with our electronic media expert team. On behalf of council, I wish you all that the website will be highly beneficial to our churches, viewers and entire NBCC community. Christians are not living completely isolated from electronic world. Moreover, we are not to be left out from electronic Media too. Through launching of this website our churches will come at par with the contemporary world and avail present media services. It is our privilege to let the world know what NBCC is doing and where NBCC is heading. Taking the advantage of launching website, I want to introduce that NBCC is consist of 47 Pastoral Ranges and comprises of 370 local churches with more than 150 full time workers. As NBCC is committed to obey the great commission of our Lord and to tell the world how our Lord has transformed the Nyishi community.

Therefore, since the inception, NBCC is involving in complete transformation works of the entire Nyishi community and Arunachal Pradesh as a whole. NBCC give important to both spiritual and socio-economic transformation. We are also equally concern about individual transformation as much as community transformation. We believe that true transformation can happen when one accept Jesus Christ as personal savior through the conviction of Holy Spirit.

To continue our transformation work we have four secular schools with 15 committed teaching staffs and a Theological college with team of lecturers, and child Development centre at NBCC HQ with registration of 125 registered children below poverty line. We do several program and activities, so that there may be transformation of individual as well as corporate society. It is my sincere believe that through this website our viewers will not only benefit but you will also continue to uphold us in prayer for better NBCC ministry. Your valuable critique and comments will help us to serve His fields better for individual and community transforming work. Wish you all the best!

Yours Co-laborer in Christ,
Rev. Halli Likha
General Secretary,

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